If they don’t stop with their 13-year-old selves!

When you delve into the world of Kmusic, one of the first things you learn is that most performers come into the business at fairly young age and train relentlessly in dance, singing, rapping, and media training until the label feels that they are ready for an official debut.  This trio from two labels (Starship and Cube) might be years away from making things official, but they are already shaking things up with their abilities.

All of them have a different flow and all of them conquer the track like they walked out the womb mid-bar.  The fact that we get a couple of switch-ups in there as well says a lot for where these three are going in their careers and how they could reset the landscape of what K-rap is if they continue to hone their skills and flourish.  The beat of this track is a lot more trap than I would have expected from children so young to be able to handle well, but they rise to the challenge.  To be able to convincingly ride a beat that veers over to the darker side of the musical spectrum can be hard for veteran artists, let alone three boys who look like they still sneak cookies from the cookie jar.

As for the lyrics…we’re lost in translation on that one.  We have no doubt that 1theK has the correct translation for what is being said, but we are not getting all the metaphors and wordplay.  We’re not going to say they’re lines doesn’t make sense because this is clearly meant for a Korean audience and different cultural touchstones mean there are just some things that are going to fly over your head.  We will say, however, that Woochan’s verse is probably the most accessible and can be easily understood from beginning to end.

We’re interested in seeing what else, if anything, they are going to put on the table.  The likelihood that this is a permanent thing is practically nil as their respective companies would either have to agree on some kind sharing program or two would have to jump ship and join the third.  What it does mean is that, once they do begin their idol careers, they will have friends they can pull in for special performances and fangasms.

Sidenote: Woochan with that deep voice at thirteen…he’s gonna be a problem when he gets older.

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