Music is a fascinating thing.  It can touch even the toughest soul, give peace to the most anxious mind, and reward a devastated heart.  Music is a powerful instrument, but its power is determined by the person who applies it.  A combination of lyrics and melody can lift our spirits and we do not recognize the effect put forth for what can be a simple song.  Famous composers and modern pop artist can raise storm of emotions with their songs.  Is it something they learned or are they were born this way?  How can simple love melody affect our souls and make us feel preciously inexperienced emotions?  This article will help you find answers to those questions.

Inspiration is key

What is inspiration?  All the famous compositions and melodies were written under inspiration.  Some magic feeling pushes people to create beautiful things and achieve outstanding results.  Many artsy people use the word “inspiration” without considering what it actually means.

It is not a thing, object or state.  Inspiration is not something you can touch or understand; it is a complicated individual set of emotions.  Inspiration can be found everywhere and nowhere.  It is in a breath of wind, warm weather, favorite meal or touchy movie.  Inspiration means everything to one person and nothing to another, but the feeling of being frequently inspired makes people create something extraordinary as Unchained Melody.

Many singers say their masterpieces are just “born” in their minds.  First, you hear it; then, you write it down.  The melody appears in your head from nowhere.  The idea of song forms in the depths of your mind and turns into a real thing.  That is inspiration’s work, and nobody can deny its impact.

Knowledge is power

Inspiration doesn’t rule the world; knowledge does.  If you possess in-depth knowledge on music theory, you can create the composition as it is created by computer programs: choose the melody and compose lyrics in accordance with rules of harmony and other ideas you want to embody. This approach helps to create music from scratch and make changes on every stage of creation.

Successful musicians not only know the theory well. They keep up with latest tendencies, learn new trends and improve their techniques. Knowledge is an instrument that helps bring real results. The same as experts from custom writing paper website turn their knowledge into the excellent paper; the same musicians can apply their knowledge to create a piece of music.

Method of improvisation

Nobody sits down to compose music according to the formal rules. Most of the musical compositions are created with the help of musical instruments. But sometimes musicians prefer to work without them, using only their mind and paper.

Musician and singer Curtis Lindsay states, “Improvisation is the method many famous composers use.”  When we listen to Hungarian Rhapsodies by Franz Liszt, we listen to music which, most likely, was born during improvisation.  Liszt, like many other great musicians of the time, was an incredibly experienced improviser and outperformed many composers.  Probably not all Hungarian Rhapsodies were born alike, but the key to their creation was improvisation.  After the melody was ready, it was just finished and polished.

Combination of techniques

It is difficult to achieve harmonic texture in music only through inspiration.  Improvisation can also let you down. It is can be confusing to create a whole melody, applying only theoretical knowledge.  The solution is to mix these three methods.


Talent, yes, but…

One person’s talent can bring fruitful results.  But it is usually hard work that determines success in music.  Hardworking musicians don’t rely on inspiration or other factors alone.  They learn, try and make mistakes to develop unusual techniques to touch every listener’s soul.

There is no right way how to do something; especially when talking about music.  How do musicians impress people with melody and lyrics?  The answer is: they listen to their hearts.  They express their minds and release real emotions.  They are not afraid to be misunderstood or judged.  They do not care what other people think and create masterpieces that remain in history and people’s memory.