Jaye Valentine is an independent R&B artist who hails from Houston, TX, and Won’t Ya Bae is the second single from her Spectrum EP (available on all streaming platform and digital retailers).

I was thoroughly expose to Jaye Valentine via her interview on K100 Radio, which is a internet radio station in Atlanta that features hip-hop and R&B.  The interview discussed a number of things such as being an independent R&B artist and being female in the urban music industry, and how the younger demographic isn’t really interested in R&B music.  It’s a really good interview, so check that out.

The interview was to promote the visual for her first single, which I wasn’t feeling, however, when they played her second single I immediately fell in love. The reason was primarily because it was refreshing to hear a good R&B song; I’m in that “older-ish” demographic of 28+ who understands, appreciates R&B music still.

On the record, Jaye Valentine is telling the guy instead of saying you want me, won’t you be with me, hence the title.  The piano intro to the record immediately captured my attention then her vocals laid over it and I was hooked.  Check out the record below.

Memorable lyric: There’s nothing like always being with someone and always feeling alone