You know you’ve been waiting for it; the world has been waiting for it.

To say we were excited to see that Steve Aoki would get his hands on this track is an understatement.  While we didn’t hate the original version Mic Drop when the album came out, it wasn’t one of our favorites and only really improved in our minds once the live stages hit YouTube.  Aoki is the perfect person to rework the overall sound of the production; he has a similar busy style to early BTS, but he knows where to dial it back and adjust the layering to keep the listener from being overwhelmed.

What we didn’t expect him to do is switch it up with the momentum of the track, changing the overall sound from hip-hop to EDM to R&B to pop at a moment’s notice, feeding just enough energy to the vocals to create excellent peaks and valleys so that the mood ebbs and flows with heat and coolness.

And, of course, we have to talk about the new bridges, chorus, and verse.  All in English (we expected it after seeing footage of the mini-concert they performed here) and bookended by the original Korean content, this cements their new worldwide stature.  While we aren’t quite feeling the new chorus (it doesn’t get us quite as hype as the original), the bridges are fire and manage to keep the original spirit of the track.  RM’s new verse, which still ends with the same three English lines, sounds good to the ear and has a new layer of braggadocious goodness in it that connects despite the slightly slower flow.

But we are very happy they didn’t go full English on the track.  While we would love to get a completely English track or two from this group, their core is Korean and they are proud of who they are and the language they speak.  They have reached these astronomical levels of fame by staying true to themselves and we would hate to see them change it up now to conform to the outdated stereotype of what popular Western artists should be.

The song was already a hit but this is going to bring it some new life.  And, with the boys over in the UK, we might just get to see it performed live in the very near future.

Update: FINALLY got our hands on the version of the track featuring Desiigner and it’s sick!  Check it out here.

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