Omarion has been experiencing some issues when it comes to figuring out his career and where it might be headed in the next couple of years–and this is not helping illuminate the way.  And that really hurts us because we liked the three previous installments in the Care Package series.

We get it; he’s going for a vibe that is beyond the lyrics and depends heavily on the meshing of his vocal tones with an interesting and captivating beat.  The problem is that, with only four tracks to its name, there isn’t much time to set up the vibe and Omarion’s performance is sometimes barely audible over the beatwork.  There just isn’t enough of “him” here to make this feel like this feel like something that only he can give us.  Plus, sometimes the only thing that makes Omarion’s songs work are their unique lyrical content.

Honestly, we were about to give up on this set…and then Flight started up.  Thing about this track is that it isn’t written any better than any other track here–in fact, it might be somewhat worse because it repeats itself so much for the latter half–but the vibe is there and incredibly hard to ignore.  Part of the reason that we got more into this is that it set is off a lot better with the vocals coming in clearer and fewer effects on Omarion overall.  You probably won’t still be listening to this six months, but you will enjoy it for the time being.

If you ask us what the thing is that made us the most upset with this new iteration of the Care Package series is that, despite the fact that it is the shortest and the least interesting, it is the one we have to pay for.

If you’re still interested, at least for the sonic aspect, you can stream the brief set by clicking the button below.