We skipped this one because, we thought, with Lyrica Anderson being on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood that this would get a lot more attention.  And while we have seen some numbers for this, it’s not quite what we expected considering this is one of the best original projects that Anderson has put out in a while.

First thing that impressed us was the length of the album.  Despite coming in with fifteen tracks, most of them are short and so you don’t get the opportunity to get bored with it before it sends.  The other thing is that, despite putting out a project less than a year ago, she had enough good, original material for this.  Smartwater makes a return, having been included in her EP Nasha Pearl, but it doesn’t sound out of place and, in fact, helps add some color to the tracklist thanks to its trap elements being more distinct from the more melodic tracks that make up the primary core of the sound.

The next thing is just how enthusiastic Anderson sounds here.  We said of her last release that the moments when she really owned a song were the best parts of it and we get a lot more of that this time around.  Every track has her sounding invested and she brings some good emotions with her as well.  Her tones is, overall, a good match for the themes she’s singing about with a few times where you feel like she’s throwing in a flourish or adlib to bring in some color.  Those times are few and far between and do nothing to diminish the overall thrust of the tracks.  She also seems to have raised a her top octave reach a little, as some of the tracks have her singing higher than we feel we have before.  It shows that she has continued to develop her voice and that she’s not resting on her laurels as a songwriter to carry her projects through.

And the songs are well written.  We really were not expecting for almost every song to be well thought out and so well put together.  With a single exception, the songs tell good stories about love, loss, and the confusion of purpose that comes in-between.  They don’t do this in particularly unique ways (unfortunately), but there is enough in the entirety of the songs to make them memorable.

But not everything is rosy in this set.  Curfew had the potential to be a real nice eighties bop but the harmonies are tragic.  There is a voice in there that is consistently flat and just throws the entire track off.  If the whole thing was meant to sound off-kilter that would be one thing, but Anderson sound completely in tune and in vibe with the rest of the track and a similar harmony is done in the other tracks, especially Macaulay Culkin and Unhealthy, to much better effect.  We get the feeling, listening a few times, that this might be an issue of a track being remixed without it matching all the undertones that make up the background.

But aside from that hiccup, this is a really enjoyable.  If you aren’t a Lyrica Anderson fan, this likely isn’t going to make you one; but you will probably find something to like just the same.

Our favorite tracks are Late Night, Mind Fucked, Dangerous, and Unhealthy.  The most skippable track is Curfew.