Picking a new single from his August release, Jeep Music Vol. 1, Rotimi is back to give us a little summer in our rapidly descending (for some) fall.

The island sound of this track can’t be denied and, despite the sound being overused a lot during the past year, is something that can be hard to turn your ear away from.  The combination of Rotimi’s sensuous vocals mixed with the bright and vivaciously rhythmic beat are intoxicating.  The bass of the track is less than you might think for something like this, but the melody being put forward in such a way is a good choice and makes the song feel a lot less morose than it might have otherwise.

As we said, Rotimi sounds good here.  While he is going with full, adlib breakdown by the end of the track (nor does the song call for it), he does continually sound interested in what he’s saying…which is a good thing because he is entreating the woman in question to become interested in him.

The lyrics here are nothing particularly special and that is probably where the song falls down the most.  They sound good coming from Rotimi’s mouth, but they aren’t something you haven’t heard a thousand times before.  This is still worth a few listens, but the lyrical issue is going to be the difference between playing this in a year and not for many.