After hurricanes Ivan and Maria devastated the islands of Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Dominca and an earthquake devastated Mexico City, there has been an effort by a lot of musical acts and curators to raise money to help out.  The Soulection collective has decided to do their part by asking their fans to donate the self-selected cost of an EP to the effort.  All you have to do is give money and you get a download.

And, if helping your fellow man isn’t enough, you also get some really great beats out of it, too.  A lot of our favorite Soulection producers are here and they bless us with some really amazing sounds.  There are some that are little short, but nothing is longer than it needs to be and nothing feels prematurely cut off.  There is a little bit of everything, stylistically, in the set but it all has that Soulection veneer on it which just makes it so vibable.  The tone of this is surprisingly feel good considering the grave situation it was created for, but it gives you that atmosphere of hope that thing can work out for as many people as possible if we all pull together.

They’re only taking donations for the next two weeks, so do what you can and help out.  If you can’t see a buy link in the player, you can reach the donation portal by clicking here.