Mýa has dropped a new single and, if you liked the direction that Smoove Jones went in, you’re really gonna like this.

If there was one thing that people who saw her debut release might never was that, just one album later, she would start becoming the queen of the lowkey bedroom banger.  The singer has some great songs in her discography, but some of the best are the slow jams and love songs that just seem to hit you right in your ear and shiver down to other parts.  And it looks like we’re going to have this track to that list.

One of the things that we really like about this is that this track sounds like Mýa, just updated.  There is something very nineties about the bass melody of the production, but there are a lot of modern elements as well that keep it from sounding too throwback.  The dark beat should have overwhelmed this track, but because her vocals are very much in the soprano range, it offers the support she needs to keep things sexy.

She still has that sweetheart tone, but there is a mature edge to it that she didn’t have back in the day that makes this work.  And the mixing of more traditional singing with trap&B (more the latter than the former) can bring in a newer audience while not alienating the older one.  She goes the right direction with her performance and keeps from being too monotone as well, making it an interesting listen and setting herself further apart from more minimalist sections of the beatwork.

The lyrics are pretty much what you would expect which, unfortunately, can make you tune out a little, but they work for the mood she’s trying to set.

No word yet if this is part of an upcoming album or not, but we really hope that it is.  Smoove Jones was that album and we would love for her to follow it up with something else amazing.