If there is one consistent complaint that we’ve had about Eric Bellinger since he moved from a majority mixtape to a majority pay release structure for his projects it’s been that we haven’t gotten to many of those tracks that we love that him giving us more pure R&B melodies and less trap&B.  But his new E-Mix of Childish Gambino’s Redbone takes us back to the days Born II Sing, Vol. 3 before he really blew up.

First off, we love the switch on the beatwork.  While the original track did have a similar string of notes for its opening melody structure, it is very clear that Bellinger is using a sample of SWV’s Rain for its production and mixing in the vocal melody for the song in question but keeping the SWV chorus for the Stay woke! lyric.  It was something so unexpected and yet so logical that it reminds you why he has excelled in the business as a songwriter as well as a performer.

What gave us chills were the vocals.  We have gotten so used the trap&B side of Bellinger lately, that his beautiful melodies hit us right in our soul and set us flying.  Besides the fact that we don’t normally get this side of him anymore, there is also the fact that his falsetto has drastically improved.  Falsetto, especailly for men, is one of those things that can only be slightly off before it starts to sound bad and the singer has gone from passible to flawless with his delivery.  The lack of autotune also works in his favor and makes him sound warm and sensual.  The energy in his voice is also great as you get a little hype listening to what is essentially a slow jam.

This is absolutely going to be one of our favorite songs.