There is nothing like when an artist you like makes a reappearance after you think they’ve left the industry.  We had been unable to find anything about Maé Oriel since she put out The Playback and that made us really sad because she had something.  But it appears that her step back from the limelight was more about rebranding than disillusionment because she is back with a new name and a new track and we are loving it.

The first thing that fans of the singer may notice is that her sound is primarily unchanged from what she has delivered before; it just has a few more trap vocals slightly more autotune in spots.  Thankfully, she mixes the trap melodies with more traditional singing and the autotune amounts to little more than an amplified echo.  She still sounds good and still manages to captivate the ear with her tone.

The lyrics are pretty good as well. In this track she asserts herself against the forces that are driving her to self-destruction.  It is a song that puts her mental and emotional health first without trying to use the position as an ultimatum for better behavior from those she is talking to.

The production of the track is a bit of mixed bag.  It’s not bad by any means and the flourishes in the beat are a nice touch, but it still sounds a little generic in spots.  In some ways it helps MAEDAY because she has enough room to let her voice take control, but there are spots where she could use a little more support.  Those spots are usually on the beginning of the verses, but that isn’t enough to kill the overall vibe of the track.

All in all this is a nice reintroduction to a still somewhat new voice.  We can’t wait to hear more.