We have been waiting for this.

G.Soul spent 15 years as a trainee under JYPE (G.Soul has said this was his decision and not a lack of faith by the labelhead) and, while he did put out a few EPs, nothing really managed to make an impact longterm as a fronting artists despite gaining a stronger pen game and gravitas as a writer in the industry.  Since leaving the company and signing with H1GHR MUSIC, he has really been on display and giving his voice a workout with fans lapping up every moment of it.  So the real test for him would be whether he could deliver consistently up through this release.

We are happy to say that he has done more than we expected and made it a joy to listen to just as fall slides over us.

As expected, the appeal of this is his vocals.  From start to finish, G.Soul delivers captivating performance after captivating performance.  With Tequila being the place where he displays probably the least amount of vocal acumen (he still manages to show out, though), each track seems to escalate as he gives us more runs and more falsetto with every production change.  He keeps the listener invested with every note and leaves you aching for more when it’s over.

The production is on point, too.  It would have been easy to drop a series of generic beats and let G.Soul take the responsibility of audience investment, but each one manages to set it’s mood just right while also providing the right support for the singer’s performance.  There is enough variety to make this a multiple mood soundtrack without it all being too much for a single playthrough.

If there is one major flaw in this set it’s that the promotion blew it’s wad before we could really let it all sink in as a whole.  With only five tracks to the project and three of them having been released as singles, we has heard most of what this had to offer.  Circles turned out to be a nice surprise with it’s The Weeknd-style vocals inflections and powerful production and Found You takes his older fans back to his most consistent roots with its deep house rhythms, but it’s not enough to make everything feel new again.

We will say, though, that it is worth it to get past the feeling that you are getting old tracks to listen to this in full.  Despite the disparate sounds on display, there is a concerted flow to everything and you find yourself vibing to every groove presented.

Our favorite tracks are Tequila and Circles.  The most skippable track is One More Interlude as it sounds really good and just pisses you off with the fact that it’s not a full track.