Cynthia is trying to get smacked!

Letoya Luckett not only returns with her third single from her newest album, Back 2 Life, but she also comes with a video that continues the storyline of the previous two.

The reason we bring up the storyline is because it does take center stage for the majority of the nearly 13-minute runtime.  It appears this will be the last of the series, but it is interesting to note that she does not answer the question at the end, choosing to simply cut to final card.  Could we see more in the future?  Given the response of fans, we hope the answer is yes.

The song itself is a welcomed departure (single-wise) from the previous two releases that had darker, slower beats.  This more upbeat but still mid-tempo track brightens the mood when playing them back to back and brings some levity in subject matter as well.  The vocals that Luckett lays down are also much brighter this time around and, honestly, this style suits her a lot better.  She always sounds good, but she is at her best when her voice is expressive and not trying to fit into a monotone theme.  The late-nineties production is a winner for the songstress as well and shows some continuity with her last album while still demonstrating growth.  She is truly in her element here.

You can purchase Back 2 Life from all digital outlets now.