Baegod and SBVCE have gotten together to celebrate their relationship (musical and otherwise) with new music and we are here for it.

The duo have always varied up their sound after a few projects and this time they are coming with something a less in the futuristic/space and more boom-bap R&B.  The tone of the production this time around is a lot more laidback but still has those underlying wavey elements that mark the tracks as a part of their combined discography.

The flow of the lyrics still has that poetic styling that Baegod has gone fore since Bedroomtrap’n; a very streamlined stream-of-consciousness.  They give you the bare minimum in terms of telling the listener what the songs are about, but there is no doubt about what they are talking about.  The use their words wisely and create vibe without losing meaning, something very hard to do let alone, pull of successfully.

And what has us really happy? Baegod is giving us vocals again.  There is nothing wrong with her rapping (she’s pretty good at it, too), but we fell in love with her as a singer and every time that she gives us that undiluted sweetness, we melt.  SBVCE also does his thing here, giving good flow and a surprising amount of energy considering how mellow his tone is.

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