Short on lyrics but long on mood, Midnight gives us a track that gets its point across without being dull.

If there is one thing we can say about Midnight is that he knows how to use his voice.  The vocals on this track, while minimal, are just right for a song that seems to be set during the act of lovemaking.  There is far less thinking and long speechifying going on in those moments, you only want to say enough to give directions and praise.  His tone is wonderful, using is his slightly higher pitch to offset for the pulsing production and create an ethereal sound.  It can be hard for male singers to come across as sexy when using a higher pitch for the entirety of track, but Midnight does it effortlessly, giving that gravitas and confidence of tone that is needed to make something like this work.

We get the feeling the title is related to the myth of Prometheus, who created humanity and gave fire to the moral world.  If both aspects of the Greek god art intertwined in the meaning of the lyrics, Midnight has crafted a very sensuous track that speaks on the fire that two people can create together, but also (possibly) the creation that could come from that fire.  It’s an interesting concept that wouldn’t have to be pushed too hard as well as takes in the full scope of sexual behavior.

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bring it,back
pull it, up
take it, in
girl take me, in
say my, name
then say it again
you know i love it when we….

now can you come closer,
wanna feel you all over

bring it, back
give me, faith
you know you got the power
gon get it girl, ill bring desire
feel it, get it
say my, name
you know i love it when we…

i know youve wanted more
i know you keep em guessin
i know youve wanted more,
so, bring that thing over here