Is this the preamble to a new Tank album?

There is something to an artist understanding their strengths, especially an artist like Tank.  While it’s always important to experiment and grow in terms of style and lyrics, having knowledge of your wheelhouse isn’t a bad thing either.  Tank’s is clearly the babymaker.

To say that When We is exactly what you would expect from a Tank track is to undersell it.  He sounds good and just hits the savage love with how he phrases his emotions in the lyrics.  Where this song coming at you at a faster tempo or from a voice that was gruffer and less polished, it wouldn’t work nearly as well and could come across as more threatening than it’s intended.  Instead, what you get is a song about a man that is all about satisfying both your and his carnal desires in the best way possible and making you melt all over yourself as he describes it to you.  It is what you would exactly what you expect from him; a good song.

Tank has been releasing loosies on his SoundCloud for about a year now, but none of them have been purchasable (as far as we can tell).  This single is available from digital outlets so, we have to wonder, is a new album in the works.  Sex, Love & Pain II was a good album that was released about 18 months ago.  He has the opportunity to capitalize on it more, but we wouldn’t mind a new bedroom soundtrack for 2017/18.  We’ll have to wait and see.