Sinead Harnett is one of those artists that you kind of forget about until she puts something out and, even then, the goodness of her releases tends to bubble just under the surface of the consciousness.  She deserves a lot more attention and we intend to give it to her.

This project is problem more poppy than some might have expected given her more recent EPs, but she still brings the soulful vocals with effortlessness.  The set still trends heavily towards R&B, though, and this is perfect for summer with it’s bright energy and mildly EDM beats on certain songs and her more throwback sounds on others.  Her vocals are the backbone of every track, giving each song their emotional resonance and adjusting her tone to match that backtracking in a way that makes her (surprisingly) stand out from in a clever way.

The lyrics for these track are solid.  There isn’t anything that you listen to that just seems to out of place and there is a mildly poetic vibe to the lines.  They aren’t obtuse are hard to understand, but they don’t adhere strictly to the cliché and take some things in a slightly new direction on songs like Equation.  That gives the track a lot of replay value as you find yourself connecting them to on more than just a superficial level.  We are interested in how much she had to do with the writing.

While it’s not the most modern-sounding set out there, this is definitely worth a listen.  You will find it fills in those moments when you want to step back from the overly saturated radio sounds very well.

Our favorite tracks are Heal You, Don’t Waste My Time, and Want It With You.  The most skippable track is So Solo.

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