Ameriie is kind of a queen of summer when it comes to music.  With the exception of In Love & War, all of her projects have dropped during the warmer months of the year and have fit in to the season very well with their warm sounds and feel-good vibes.  Makes since she would choose to let loose a new single during a time that works best for her.

The sound a bit of a departure from Ameriie’s more bright signature sound, but her vocals serve to add some of that warmth that we like from her.  The mixture of trap and island is an interesting take on the genre and kind of a needed departure from the overall monotony that can be an issue with taking on a popular sound.  Her vocals are not as expressive as what we would expect from her either, but it works with the track and the theme.

The lyrics are what shine on this track.  Ameriie tells the story of a woman that uses her body and sexual abilities to make a better life for herself without worrying about the consequences of her actions or how it leaves those she uses.  It’s an interesting story that doesn’t necessarily demonize the woman in questions as much as it warns those who seek to tame her of her record.  They are definitely not the best fit for her more usual sound and the interesting hook is memorable and repetable without being overly repetitive in the structure of the track.

No word on whether this a part of a larger project or not but, if you just can’t get enough Ameriie, you can pre-order he YAL anthology, Because You Love To Hate Me: 13 Tale Of Villiany, which is due to be released on July 11.