Sohee of ELRIS makes her solo debut and she couldn’t have come stronger with such a laidback track if she tried.

You know a group is under the radar when you are unsure whether the name refers to their production company or them…and the fact that there isn’t actually any info about the group other than about Kpop Superstar: Season Six winner Kim Sohee.  But we are willing to let that slide for now because we love this track so much.

The BoA feels are real from this song, especially in the vocals and the choreography in the visuals, but Sohee manages to pull off an R&B track that the veteran rarely attempted and do it in a way that absolutely warrants replay.  Her vocals, while young and sweet, have a nice tone to them and relate a strength in vocal ability that you sometimes don’t get from female singers who operate in this range.  Despite the lack of adlibs, she manages to come through with personality and keep the song from sounding flat.  The lyrics of the track are solid and give that kind of young love feel without sounding immature.

The production of the track also deserves a big up as the mid-tempo track manages to have enough bang to keep listeners who prefer their tracks faster invested, but enough soul and swing that people who like a little romance in their sound can get on board too.  The moderately deep overall sound of the track offers Sohee a nice basement for her vocals, giving her support in important areas where a more airy and light production might have made her sound somewhat inconsequential.  The throwback elements of the track can’t be denied and will have some fans in nostalgia mode right away, but it still manages to be modern enough for younger listeners to enjoy.

We’re really interest to see where she goes from here as the teasers for the entirety of ELRIS’ debut have just dropped.  Hopefully the difference in quality isn’t so large that Sohee ends up getting all of the shine.

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