Sabrina Claudio’s Orion’s Belt was a good track, especially in the lyrical department, but didn’t really move us for some reason.  Confidently Lost gave us all that little dash of soul that we felt we were missing with the previous track.  Unravel Me has us stanning a long career for they 19-year-old.

There is something about this track that just works.  The beautiful gentleness of the Claudio’s vocals against the sultriness of the production.  Not that the songstress doesn’t have her own sultry motes for us; she manages to make her tone work with her slightly more breathy delivery.  The harmonies that add those moments of strength in a song that initially comes across as soft-spoken in its delivery.  And the seductive nature of the track as a whole is somewhat at odds (in our minds) with the theme.

We especially love this track for its lyrics.  A lot female artists always come with the sassy retorts about why they don’t want to be in a relationship (or stay the night) with a man, as if there has to be a reason.  Claudio’s song makes it clear that, while she is making (lame) excuses to the man in question to spare his feelings, she doesn’t want to pursue additional time with him because…she doesn’t want to.  There’s no need for him to try and figure out the right buttons to push to make her feel differently; she is a mystery and he’s not up to the challenge.  There is something about stating this in plain terms that is refreshing, but the lyrics are not plain in the least.  She comes with solid imagery that gives clear meaning to listener without boring them with a ton of clichés.

If you haven’t checked out the singer’s EP, Confidently Lost, you should.  Anyone who is concerned about the direction of music can feel reassured after one listen.