Who’s the egoist in this situation?

Roy Kim returns with a lovely little folk-pop track about two people who want two different things from their relationship.

The lyrics are interesting in that, as the situation is laid out, the title could be referring to either person.  Yes; the woman in question could be the egoist because she is trying to make him love he, but Kim could also be the egoist because the frame for their interactions is entirely about him.  There may be a more definitive meaning to this (there are a lot of Korean idioms in this that went over our heads a little), but we kind of like the fact that the title could be referring to either person…or both

The bright, acoustic guitar with the strong backbeat makes this track a surprisingly happy one for the subject matter.  Kim’s vocals tend to rest in the lower tenor range, so the higher, plucky melody does a good job of offsetting his tone.  The combination of his vocals and the overall production has a soothing effect, but there is a lot of energy there so that you don’t tune out.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.