We have always been fans of Vixx, but they have been on an absolute roll with us since they started dropping the EPs that would eventually be combined to make Conception.  When they announced a new EP, we were a little worried about the output rate, but thought we might get at least one song worth some repeats.

Instead, we got our lives and then had them slayed away.

Switching things up to center around a more traditional Chinese sound, the group seems to be headed our way with another concept, but we’ll have to wait and see if it expands like the previous sets did.  The softer overall sound does have a nice effect on their voices; it highlights them in a way that few tracks they have done before really have.  They have always been a more than capable singing group, but their more epic and dark sounds tend to cover up some of the intricacy they put into their vocals.  A more simplistic core melody allows them to take on and flush out more harmonies without making the overall sound more weighty or hard to listen to.

Lyrically, from the limited translations we’ve seen, this set seems to be centered around the spiraling of emotions related to love, lust, and rejection.  We’ll get you some complete translations soon because the sound of this project might belie some of the meaning to people who are unfamiliar with the group’s penchant for writing and poetry.  Just like with Conception, there is a lot going on here, but the writing does seem to hang together just a little better this time around, with fewer lines that seem out of place and English that folds in seamlessly.

We are going to be on this one for a minute.

Our favorite tracks are Shangri-La and Into The Void.  The most skippable track is To Us.