Change isn’t the only Wale wave we’re on today…

Mixed by DJ Luna and featuring the Eric Bellinger Treat Yourself, Wale brings out another mixtape as he heads towards the release of his next album.  Again, the rapper is very seldom a man of half-measures when it comes to his craft because every track in this set is solid.  The beats are give a nice range of sound that allows the listener to stay engaged as the tracks play and will easily bring you back if you tune out because you don’t like one particular track.  Despite that almost all of them are simply refixes of originals, Wale manages to make every single one of them his own.  His flow is tight and varied on ever song, making this not only a good listen but a confirmation of his skills (if you needed it).

The really impressive thing is that, he manages to vary up the subject matter well.  This could have easily been a bunch of throwaway verses and non-consequential topics, but he includes some affirmation in the party, giving a shout out to black women on Black Is Gold.  He talks about love and relationships on few tracks as well, so it’s more than just about money, cash and hoes.  This variety makes this a lot easier to listen to straight through and will give more listeners an opportunity to find something to fit their mood.

Note: This came out two days before Change, so that BTS reference on Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Remix) was a confirmation of the track’s completion.

You can download this freelease by clicking one of the buttons below the player.