Have we ever said that esta. is life?  Because he is.

Comprised of “lost session” beats (tracks that he created but wasn’t feeling for one reason or another), the producer teams up with Elhae, Noah, Kay Franklin, Bria Zhanae, and IAMNOBODI for 18 minutes of wavy goodness that is deep in the sensual night mood and yet can brighten up a day very easily.

We are very used to the bright sounds that esta. usually comes with and, while he has proven that he can do other sounds very easily, we still get elements of that lightness from everything he does.  This set isn’t exactly different; it’s just that be beats tend to be heavier than the bulk of his work, even though there is nothing dark about this set as whole.  There are dark, trap elements woven throughout but there is very much a feel good element to every song but Lousy…for obvious reasons.

The singers in the set are great.  Noah start things off right with his mellow yet confident tone.  Kay Franklin brings an extra level of brightness to his song with his strong, tenor vocals that are a standout for how well they offset the deeper tones of the beat.  Elhae sound amazing here (we REALLY wish his song was longer) with Bria Zhanae coming up really close behind him for our favorite tracks of the set.

Our only complaint is that this is so very short that it seems like it’s over just as it begins.

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