The #EveryDay6 promotion continues with a track that sounds like the spiritual successor to I Wait.

Well…not so much the successor as much as it would be the song that follows it up on the full version of the album.  When it comes to production and vocals, there are a lot of similar elements between the two tracks, especially the MIDI opening sounds and the transitions between more hard rock choruses and softer verses.   The connections seem to be confirmed with the style of the two videos in comparison to You Were Beautiful, which had its own story arch.

Despite that, though, the two sounds don’t really sound alike as much as they do a similar style and it is wonderful.  This time, Young K and Wong Pil take the lead vocals on with the rest of the group doing their thing on the harmonies.  You could easily see this track with a different production (more pop or pop&B), but it just wouldn’t have the same feel as this and would make far less of an impact on the listener.  The lyrics serve to enhance the idea that this is the track to follow I Wait on the full album as the guys now sing about being disconnected from the woman who is telling them that she loves them and not knowing how to end it.  Of course this could also mean that this song could precede I Wait as well, being the other side of that song’s relationship trouble.

Our biggest complaint is that the track just seems to end.  We were waiting for one more go round of instrumentals and it just stops.  It doesn’t kill the vibe by any means, but it did catch us off guard the first time we listened.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.