K.A.R.D had teased that there was a “hidden version” of their new hit, Don’t Recall, back around the time of its release and we had a sneaking suspicion it was an English version; we just wondered if it would be good.  Today we got our answer; yes it is.

One of the biggest problems that Kpop stars of the past has when it came to making English versions of their songs was that they seemed to just plug their words into an online translator and run with it, making for some hilarious (at best) lyrical moments and songs that didn’t make a ton of sense.  Even now, the biggest issue seems to be pronunciation and words that don’t rhyme, making for songs that seem badly constructed and don’t appeal to a wider audience that doesn’t understand why things sound the way they do.

None of that comes into play here.  K.A.R.D sounds just as good here as they did on the original and all the words make sense in context.  There are only one or two lines where the rhyme or meter appear to be off, but it’s so brief that it’s barely noticeable.  Their pronunciation is great and they seem comfortable with what they are saying.  If I’d heard this version first, the only giveaway that this was not initially written in English would be the words used; they are not as common on pop tracks.

We are interested to see if this gets any American radio play, especially as the weather heats up.