When coed group K.A.R.D dropped Oh NaNa last year, we were impressed with the group’s chemistry and the abilities, but couldn’t really say much about the song.  It turned out to be a strong performer and we’re happy to see they are following up the fire with similarly island-sounding Don’t Recall.

About that moment when you realize that relationship is over and that it’s been bad longer than was good, this song has a lot going for it.  The vocals and raps are on point and crisp despite the mid-tempo pace.  The harmonies are fuller than what you get from some groups with more members and they so ever-present that you notice their absence more.  The lyrics are more than solid, describing the situation in an interesting way.  The beat is infectious and gets the grind gets you from the moment the beat drops.  The weird thing is that we’ve heard similar tracks from other groups and they don’t go over as well, which says a lot about the talents of K.A.R.D.

As for the visual, it’s pretty much a bookend to Oh NaNa, just with different colors and slightly different choreography.  A pretty good one-time watch, but the song is better on its own.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.