Mila J gives a surprise Valentine’s gift to her fans.

The interesting thing about this set is that, as it progresses, it get farther away from where it started out in terms of the Mila J’s performance.  When she released Fuckboy, we were interested in the overall theme of the song, but not sold on the delivery.  This set starts off with Move, a track is very similar to Fuckboy in terms of delivery and had us rolling our eyes with the fact she might be giving entire set of songs like that.  But, instead, she gives her fans the scope of her style, with trap starting things off but transitioning into a more melodic performance.  Starting with Yesterday, we get more of the side of songstress that we haven’t seen so much of in the last couple of years; the non-monotone R&B side.  The autotune begins to slide away and we get more and more of her natural tone, which we are big fans of.  The collective effect is that you have a freEP that goes from the club to the bedroom pretty effortlessly.  There is a sexy mood that hovers over the last few tracks and the vocals and production do an excellent job of amplifying that without making it too separated from the opening tracks in terms of sound that everything flows together.

The biggest downside of the set is that the songwriting as a whole is spotty.  Tracks end up being very repetitive and don’t really stand out as something that makes you remember them.  We get the feeling that the point was to go for a more of a mood-setter than lyrical tour de force, but Mila J has proven that she can do both when she wants to.

Despite that, this is still a good listen and you will find that this really grows on you further into it you get.  Definitely worth a download.

Sidenote: We were right about that Fuckboy outro; the joining of it and Yesterday makes that whole section work a lot better.

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