We love it when the girl groups come with a little bit of distinction and Melody Day is calling attention to themselves.

If there is one thing we notice about the current era of female Korean groups is that there is very little middle ground for a lot of them in terms of style.  You either get cute or hip-hop sassy and both rarely feel completely right for who they are as distinct groups.  There just seems to be a lot of shoving a ton of female rookies together to make a visually impressive collective without any real effort put into making the songs and concepts strong, too.  It’s the reason why groups Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, and SISTAR stand out in comparison to others; they feel like something other than cookie cutter.

We might have to add Melody Day to that list pretty soon.

The song is one that just catches you after a few seconds with the island-based (but nor prominent) production and the solid vocals.  The harmonies are sweet but full, the lead vocals are strong and distinctive and the rap section, while not the best, does present a flow that is unique to the person doing the song and not so much a copy of another artist’s style.

The lyrics are interesting as, knowing how Korean broadcasters feel about explicit content (especially from the female groups), the song does not seem to be completely about kissing.  Some phrases like “come to me” don’t mean the same thing Korean as they do in English, but we find it hard to believe that all the double entendre lines are just an accident of writing.  If the writers were actually this sly and managed to get this out there without any fuss, we are even more interested to hear more from Melody Day.

These ladies also come with the choreo, giving crisp and let-me-learn-this moves with some sexy thrown in.

Sidenote: Kinda pissed that they use the Milk app for this video considering that Samsung removed the Kpop stations for non-Korean users.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.