Not even two months after he dropped a more than solid freelease, BJ The Chicago Kid comes with what looks like the precursor to another project…and in time for Valentine’s Day.

Over a seductive acoustic guitar teamed with a prominent high-hat and lowkey bass, the singer tells us all about how crazy his lady is and how much he loves that about her.  The Chicago Kid brings us a nice fusion of melodic and trap singing styles as he the verses have very different sounds by meld together seamlessly.  His vocals are expressive and keep the listener engaged, but he doesn’t throw everything at you in his performance.  This comes off well as it makes it seem like he’s the more balanced person in the relationship and show the difference between him and his lover all the more.  The lyrics are pretty solid, telling us how she plays with his emotions but how he can’t get enough of her in a way that isn’t (completely) cliché and comes across as more respectful the woman in question than a lot of other songs of this type.

While the song does have a distinct end (instead of a fade), there is a bit of a feeling that the track should either be longer or that there’s something that works with it about to follow it up.  This feels like just a part one.  We guess we’ll have to hang on while the singer finishes up whatever he’s working on to find out what else is to come.

You can buy Roses from all digital outlets now.