H.E.R. had one of the best indie releases last year and it looks like she’s intending to capitalize on the momentum by giving us another solid track that we can latch on to just as easily as we did the others.

The singer has never shied away from her sexy; it’s just a little less overt than most.  That is her strength on this song as she sings about telling her man she’s coming over to let him have his way with her, only to get cold feet as she pull into the driveway.  It’s an interesting take on this kind of track.  She gives you all the confidence you expect from on a song like this but, at the end, she also gives you that internal voice that has her questioning whether she will be able to walk back from this and how this will change things between them.  It’s that extra layer of thinking and honesty that made H.E.R., Vol. 1 such a joy to listen to.

The vocals and the production are a solid match here.  H.E.R. has very sweet and light vocals (without being airy or wispy) and the smooth beat plays to her style very well.  What has changed a little from her first out is that the production gives a different taste of what she’s capable of overall.  The slow jazzy beats of the EP were good, but they didn’t offer to much derivation of style.  This track is a little faster and has the singer doing a slightly different delivery than we’ve heard before, showing that she is more than just a one-note artist.  The harmonies and vocals samples also serve show some separation between this and the first project, perhaps suggesting that we are going to get another side entirely of the singer when she decided to give us volume two.