Leave it to Musiq to bring us joy on a Saturday morning and remind you should always value the things that are truly priceless.

The song feels very Al Jarreau in some ways with the jazz production.  The overall sound of the track is mellow and soothing, very much in line with the theme.  The singer lets his gorgeous, soulful voice traipse up and down the tenor and baritone scales, giving the song a lot of dimension and playing well against the more alto-range melody of the piano that dominates the track and the tinkling keys that slide in and out of prominence throughout.  The harmonies are simple but effective, giving fuller sound when needed but not being so full it overwhelms the idea of simplicity is best.  The end of the track, which goes from highlighting acoustic guitar to a pure acapella delivery is a little odd, given how flat the harmony seems once the instrumental has dropped out, but it still highlights the beauty of the simple joys.

The lyrics are pretty average for a song of this kind, but it’s full of enough meaning that you won’t get bored of it, especially when it runs in contrast to a lot of what you will hear in music (R&B and hip-hop mostly) otherwise.

This is the first single from SoulChild’s as-yet-unnamed upcoming album.  Click the shopping cart in the player to purchase and support the artist.