The ladies of miss A may no longer be a group but they are still putting in work.  Hell, after Suzy killed a couple people (joke), she stepped into the booth a recorded a pretty good EP.

Yes? No? is a slow burn of a project.  The lyrical cohesion on the tracks are solid, with songs (when properly translated) having a nice mixture of metaphor and solid imagery that make for universally understandable lyrics.  The production is solid and has some nice variations in styles, though everything tends to list to the slower side of mid-tempo.  Suzy has that kind of voice that just draws you in when she sings and soothes you with her performance.  The overall tone is ethereal and entrancing and can make for a great soundtrack for a relaxing night one your own or with someone you love.

The downside of that, though, is that Suzy does not have the most complex voice.  It’s not wispy or light, but it does lack depth that would aid her in different styles of singing and can be breathy at times.  Because of that, she can’t stray too far from the slower productions and, to some listeners, this could come across as sleepy.  She reminds us a little of a higher pitched Diana Krall; solid in lyrical content and with strong fundamentals to back her up, but definitely an acquired taste.

Our favorite tracks are Les Preferences and 난로 마냥.  The most skippable track is Hound’s Tongue.