Marie Dahlstrøm released her last project, 0.0, just a few months ago but it looks like she’s already got more music on the horizon for us and it’s being led of by a smooth vibe of a track.

Hold On is a track about someone who can’t find a way to make the person they have feelings for realize that this connection they have could be worth a risk.  Dahlstrøm balances her confession with a sense of unease about being the first to admit it and it makes the song come across a lot better.  The verse from Tyrell is solid and tells a the story of the relationship from the man’s point of view.  It would have been really easy to go off the rails here and just start talking about how Dahlstrøm is just making too much of things and that she’s delusional if she thought he had feelings for her too, but he goes the opposite route and states that he does care for her, it’s more in a friendship way.  It makes the song feel less one-sided and more about two people who just may have gotten their wired crossed.

The jazzy production and the gentleness of Dahlstrøm voice make this a winner.  Making any element of this more brash would have ruined the mood and made it sound angry or entitled.  Instead it feels conversational and apprehensive, as something that follows this them probably should.  Tyrell also comes with a smooth delivery, but his flow is still confident and he comes across as letting her down easy instead of writing her off.