Demetria McKinney dropped a friendly reminder that she is still working on her debut album with her latest single, Easy, which she co-wrote with Courtlin Jabrae and Devin Horton.  The seriously delayed album is tentatively set for release sometime in Spring.

Demetria has beautiful, skillful vocals.  Last year, after she dropped her Kandi-assisted Unnecessary Trouble, I was so hyped for an immediate album release.  I have no doubt that the record will be solid but it has lost so much momentum it likely will go unnoticed.

In regards to Easy, it’s a good record, though by no means is lead single material (i.e., Unnecessary Trouble).  I hate to state the obvious but the lyrical statement sprinkled throughout this record seems to have been greatly influenced by her relationship with Roger Bob.  Her vocals flows effortlessly over the silky smooth production.  My favorite part of the record is more than halfway in (mark 2:50) where the delivery is reminiscent of Beyoncé with a clear reference to either Lemonade or Ring the Alarm; a very nice touch.


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