One of the biggest musical surprises to come out of The Real Housewives franchise has been Demetria McKinney.  Of all the stars that didn’t already have a career in the industry, she has likely has the most innate talent to go along with her ambition.  Already having proved herself on a solo track that was featured on the show, the singer has since been featured on a several other artists songs and has managed to hold her own.

Now, as it’s time for her to build add to her own discography, she releases a duet with mentor and musical vet Kandi Burruss.  The track, about two women figuring out what the boundaries of their friendship are when it comes to speaking on each other’s personal lives, is a gem.  While the production (depending on your audio setup) can seem a little busy at times, the brassy and bouncy beat gives this song a lightness that aids the casual lyrics.  If it were any heavier, this might sound more like an argument that threatens to rip a friendship apart instead of a conversation that could happen without too much drama.

McKinney and Burruss both sound great, being able to slide in and out of harmonies easily while maintaining their own distinct singing styles.  If there isn’t a discussion of these two ladies forming a temporary duo for an EP, there needs to be as they play of one another very well.