Of all the members of VIXX that people have been wanting to put out something solo, Ravi was probably the most anticipated.  He’s taken quite a hand in recent comebacks with the writing and production of the group tracks as well as really putting himself out there to help shape concepts.  Which is, maybe, why we were expecting a little more from this EP.

Let us say up front that the songs in this set aren’t bad; they are solidly constructed tracks with nice sounds and Ravi does his thing on all of them.  But the production is very disparate from the rapping.  It probably has something to do with the fact that nothing really sounds cohesive in the set; we are thrown from one type of sound to another.  And they also sound really watered down, something we didn’t really expect from a VIXX member, in an attempt to make them more accessible to a core audience that is more used to pop.  This flies in the face of Ravi’s gruff delivery style on certain tracks and takes away from his mellowing flow on others and makes it very easy to tune out.  We are, however, feeling the Between The Sheets sound-alike sample on Rose, which is added by Ken’s vocals to help the song reach full potential.

The one place where things didn’t disappoint down is the lyrics.  The tracks all have great cohesion (follow this link to KpopScene to see all of the translations for the tracks) and, most times, convey something deeper than the production and flow might suggest.

This is still worth listening to, but you will find that it doesn’t quite have the replay value you would hope.

Our favorite tracks are Rose and Ladi Dadi.  The most skippable track is Lean On Me.