Mich’el Pierre has one of those voices that could easily be put to use simply for babymakers, but he’s offering up so much more.  Hailing from London, the singer has definitely got the confidence to go far in the industry (as demonstrated on Going Far), but he also has the talent to back it up.  A dancer, a songwriter, and a pianist, Pierre is looking to do as much as possibly can to shape his own image and style, trying to make a unique mark on the industry instead of just trying to switch-up someone else’s mojo.

He’s got the sound part of the package down.  In the upper baritone register, he brings a sultry edge to his tracks.  He doesn’t overdo it on the adlibs, but he does do enough to make him feel engaged in the music instead of just singing from the sheet.  The lyrics are pretty good as well, although there are moments where the rhyme or meter goes off a little.  He still manages to convey his thoughts coherently and that makes the missteps a lot more forgivable.  The production for project is nice, offering up a kind of neo-soul sound but with enough variance to keep the listener engaged.

For a first project, he could have absolutely done worse.  We’re going to be keeping an eye on him.