Looks like Elhae is ramping up for another major release.

Preaching patience in the music industry now is something you don’t hear very often, but we’re behind getting the music right over getting a lot of it.  The rapper appears to be subscribing to this, too.

We’ll be the first to admit that Elhae probably sounds the most Drake-like when he raps as he uses what is becoming known as the Toronto flow (they also have a very similar-sounding voice), but there is a massive difference about the content.  Drake left all of his humble and aspirational lyrics behind around Take Care and Elhae is still hungry so the brags come from an entirely different–and more relatable–place.  The lyrics are straightforward but tell a good story of where he is right now in his career, where he wants to be in the future, and wanting his passion to stay about the music and not about the money he gets from it.

The production on this track is a big seller as well.  The rap verses have a driving beat behind them but the sung bridges and chorus smooth out making for interesting contrast in the track itself but also with the lyrical content.  The verses are full of fire and bravado, but the sung sections are a little more humble and realistic.

We also really like the idea that the reason this was released was because Elhae had an positive conversation with Kehlani.  We love it when artist interaction gives us good tracks.

The album, Aura 2, is expected to come sometime in the near future.