The weather is cooling down and some of our favorite artists are getting introspective about cuffing season…even our submitters.

Cardiac Da Pulse is talking about love that never was and the purity that it evokes, but the tact he takes is a little different.  He comes at if from a place not of something that could have never happened but something he was afraid being tied down despite having deeper feelings for the woman in question.  It’s a level of honesty that we have come to miss in the current era of “steal your girl” and “your loss, bitch” tracks that populate terrestrial radio.  Class M, the guest verse, also talks about love that never was but because of a fear of a changing relationship dynamic.  This is a really interesting perspective to hear from a man as many women often say they were afraid of losing themselves by getting wrapped up in someone else.  It’s capped off by the vocals of Tr3y, who put a smooth tone on the rougher edges of the two rappers.  Add to that a nice production that flows like a gentle, reminiscent breeze and this is an unexpected repeater.

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