The hell?!  Did these dudes make up?

Most of us have seen the memes.


So, of course, this lead to an internet remix challenge.  While we’re still down for the vegan submission (without actually going vegan), we are kinda liking Next’s version.

Of course they put a sexy spin on it but, with the exception of the slowed-down vocals of Shirley Ceaser at the end, they sound really good and the lyrical cohesion and wordplay overlapping with the original snippet works well.  The song is just long enough to be good without overstaying its welcome.

The best part is that the member of Next still sound good together.  We hope that they have put their animosity behind them to come through with some more good music for us and that this isn’t just a one-shot.  It might not be the best track you’ll hear all week, but it’s worth a few listens.

We’re not sure how Pastor Ceaser will feel about this considering she asked people to stop twerking to her Hold My Mule sermon, though.