Sammie is making a comeback, although it’s hard to call it that when he’s been putting out music pretty consistently for a couple years now.

His latest track is a sexy little banger that lyrically samples Ginuwine’s Pony for the chorus while still giving a modern sound for the overall melody.  The selling point of this track is the singer’s vocals as they are what add dimension to the track.  The production is nice as support for Sammie, but is a little generic in the overall musical landscape.  The bedroom track’s lyrics are also pretty normal for this kind of thing.  The final bridge sounds like it also comes from another song, but it’s just the phrasing that’s familiar.

As a standalone track, it’s worth a few listens.  As the lead-up to a release, it feels a little lackluster.

Sammie’s new EP, I’m Him, drops November 11 and also features the previously released title track.