Our fall playlist is starting to fill out and Ari Lennox is adding to it immensly.

The first thing you think when you hear Arizona Lennox’s vocals is “expressive;” she is able to manage her tone to the point that she often sounds like she’s flirting with going off-key but never does.  She also knows how to control her volume well.  There are sections where she could have been blasting out at inappropriate moments but she dials back when needed so that she’s always above the production but never screaming at you.

The lyrics for this set are that great balance of poetic and prosaic; it’s all accessible to the listener, but she her phrasing is different enough to make her stand out from the pack.  There is a lot of sexual innuendo in here, but it’s relayed in a way that keeps it sounding fresh.

The production is smooth without being mellow.  There’s always a compelling energy to it that, at the very least, makes you want to sway.  There are no bangers here; but there also isn’t the need for any.

Our biggest complaints is that Cold Outside and Backwood feel too short.  They fade abruptly and it feels like there’s more on the table that we’re not hearing beyond those points.  Other than that, though, we have no doubt that this going to have this in rotation for a while.

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