Somewhere since the release of their last album and this one Far East Movement lost a member (or, at least, a member became less visible) and have drifted a little further into the EDM style of music.  Not that they haven’t always had that flavor, but there is far less rapping this time and they don’t really appear on their own tracks as active performers that much anymore, choosing instead  to serve as producers.  That suggest an almost entirely different mode for their new music and Fighter exemplifies that.

As an opener for an album, Fighter is a little slow but we love the message of the song and Yoonmirae sounds great as the lead vocalist.  As she is best known for hip-hop, we sometime forget how versatile her voice is.  Between this and JamCome On Baby we get the full range of her abilities as a singer.  Here, instead of sultry, she is sweet and does convey the since of being somewhat lost while still being resolute.

The track, about either fighting for a relationship that seems on the verge of ending or supporting someone in their big decisions come what may, has an inspirational quality to it.  The production collaboration between Far East Movement and Autolaser gives the beatwork a dynamic quality that allows it to rise above the generic sound that many tracks like this has.  Yes; there are elements that you expect (gospel choir, timpani, etc.) but they are used sparingly enough to make the song work without making it boring.  It’s worth a few listens and sets the tone off right for what ends up being a project full of surprising and fairly cohesive collaborations between American and South Korean artists.

Their new album, Identity, is out now.