SE7EN seems determined to make up his long absence to his fans.  Just a couple of months after releasing his single, I’m Good, that was featured on the three-track EP, Rainbow Selection, he’s coming with a more flushed out project that is more cohesive and will have fans remembering why they loved him the first place.

The interesting thing about I Am SE7EN is that, despite the familiar elements that remind you of his time at YG, you could also buy that this is an entirely new artist at times.  It might have to do with his long absence for the musical scene, but the evolution of his style in writing, production, and vocal performance feel more like a rookie who was inspired by him.  His vocals are stronger and more confident, his writing is more cohesive, and the production choices are a lot less bogged down in occasionally over-synthed YG style that you are really able to connect to the music on an emotional level.  The production part is due in to the fact that SE7EN teamed with The Stereo Types, who have worked with artists like Bruno Mars, to help keep things interesting.

The biggest takeaway for us is that, in less than a three months, SE7EN has managed to fix some of the issues we had with his tracks for Rainbow Selection and really get us aching for a full project again.

Our favorite tracks are Good Night, 11:30, and Give It To Me.  The most skippable track is 5-6-7.