It’s been a year since Sonya Teclai released Heatwave, but that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to cool things down.

Using a striped-down sample of Ginuwine’s Pony to set the mood, the singer speaks on her ability to seduce from the dancefloor.  The combination of the throbbing and deep-bassed production with Teclai’s innocent sounding but charming vocals give the song an overall sensuous feel that doesn’t push itself on the listener in an overt way but still gets into you.  Very much like the overall theme of the song, you feel drawn in by the sound and the mood she sets.  You feel like she’s singing to you and not some random hanging on the wall.

The biggest thing about this song is that it feels a little short.  While it runs over three minutes, you are eager for it to keep going just as the last few notes slide into the ether.  There is also only one verse and one bridge, which heightens the primal connection to her moaning adlibs and production, but does make the song feel somewhat incomplete.  It’s doesn’t make the song worse; it just leaves you wanting more.

But maybe that was the point.