Jayd Ink gets real about colorism from a personal perspective.

The song, Dark Skin, comes at the subject of skin tone from two sides.  The first is that of someone who traverses life and experiences the same trials and tribulations that many black people face and asking what does it matter about her skin tone when she is a dynamic woman with amazing attributes.  It matters even less when you catch a bullet.

Anyone woman that has grown up with dark skin (a relative term considering all the shades that most of us come in) knows that there are those people who will tell you that you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.  And while there are men who get this too, it tends to be something that gets said to women a lot more often. In the second verse, she approaches the subject from the personal side as she speaks on a childhood crush who paid her dust because she was too dark for him…despite having dark skin himself.

We like this song for Jayd’s sweetheart vocals and funky beat, but moreso because of the way that she approaches the subject.  There is anger at the limiting of her value because of something so silly, but she has enough pride in herself to recognize that the people who perpetuate this kind of thinking are the ones with the problem and she can be perfectly happy in herself without settling or trying to be something she’s not.  This kind of thing can be tricky to get across well in a song, but she does it without faltering at all.

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