Marques Houston has gone through some changes in life over the last year and it appears that his new music will be reflecting some of that.

Complete Me isn’t that far away from some of the singer’s previous work, especially a track like Circle, but there is something different about it in terms of tone.  This comes from the perspective of someone who is all grown up and is seeing life a little different than he did before.  His vocal tones are much more steady as he puts his all into the performance.  And that determination is a good thing because his voice provides all the emotional resonance that this song has to offer.

The biggest downside is the production.  The track is going for a more Adele-like feel in its toned-down scope, but the last full minute of the track is really where things get interesting.  The addition of the drums and the subtle electric guitar are enough to make you perk up and take notice and they are a much better match for Houston’s voice than the more minimalist beginnings.

The lyrics fall in line with a lot of Houston’s previous work, meaning that he probably had a least a little something to do with the writing.  There is definitely sweetness here, but there are sections that fall into the platitude barrel and get stuck.  It can make the replay value go down, but it has a place in the playlist of the newly in love.

This is 360° video so we suggest watching it on your phone is a chair that you can sit in a spin around in a circle.