This is better, CL.

We didn’t post on Dr. Pepper because…well…that song was awful.  We did post on Hello Bitches because, despite the song being subpar, the choreography for the video was bomb.  We’re posting on Lifted because we actually like the song.

Toning things down a bit and using some West Indian swag and production, the rapper/singer basically tells people to just chill and just let her flow because, once she’s in the zone, everyone will be getting lifted.  Lyrically, this song also holds together a lot better than her previous two releases.  The only minor tiddle we have is that not every line rhymes, but we will take that over the chaos that was Dr. Pepper any day.  CL’s accents are also pretty solid as she brings the right tone to the lyrics without going overboard on the bravado but still bringing all of herself to the track.  The island production makes this a great summer track and has a nice vibe to it.  It grabs you from the moment the track starts, but is somewhat lowkey in its rhythms so that the singer and beat are working together to make the track the best it can be.

We are about this; and we hope that the rest of the EP (also titled Lifted) is just as good or better than this.

This is now being considered her American debut by YGE.

Side note: I just realized that was actually Method Man dancing with CL in the video for the second verse.  Glad to know she got the blessing for the Method Man lyrics she used.

No need for translation; it’s all in English.