Michelin Shin has sent another track our way and, while we like the production, the rapper is really standing out this time.

Ratlin speaks some truth about his life and the people that he has spent his either chasing or running ahead of and what he has to do with them to make his life better.  It’s the kind of introspective track that is the foundation of hip-hop but not frequent enough in the current era.  It speaks to the conflict that so many face when they are  growing as people and trying to do right by those they love and love them.  The vocals by Jo Jordan help fill out the more laidback flow with aspirational emotion.

Shin’s production is a strength for this track and likely part of the reason for the tone.  The piano/operatic beatwork aches for something more than the average money, cash, hoes lyricism and Ratlin delivers.  The strategic use of the snare over the choruses is also a good move as it provided a little more energy for the somewhat down-tempo track.  The constantly changing level give the feel of movement and growth from section to section, which matches the theme of the track perfectly.

Applause all around.